Royal receives a delegation from the Labor Office


Royal company, represented by its director manager, Mr. Munther Zghier, the plant manager, Eng. Imad Rajoub, and the human resources manager, Ghassan Ghaith, received a delegation from the Hebron Labor Office, represented by Mr. Muhammad Shalaldeh, General Manager of the Hebron Labor Department, and Eng. Hajjah Hajjah, director of inspection, and Amr Adi, a labor inspector.

During the visit, many important issues related to workers and the development of their performance were discussed. Mr. Munther explained to the Labor Office that the company’s board of directors decided to adopt the minimum wage established by the Council of Ministers as of 10/2021, so that the worker’s salary is not less than 2000 shekels upon joining work. In the company, taking into account the various specializations and scientific and certificates for employment, and approved an increase in the salaries of the old employees at the amount of 300 shekels per employee. As this increase comes in light of the high cost of living and the difficult economic situation.

For his part, Al-Shalaldeh thanked the company's management for this approach towards the workers and the distinguished services it provides to them, and pointed out that the company has always been a pioneer in all fields, and a role model at the national level.

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