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Royal Industrial Trading Co. is a Palestinian commercial and industrial company established in 1993. Royal is distributed across 88 thousand square meters, with over 25 departments and an integrated workforce consisting of 700 employees of administrators, engineers, and technicians. Royal has managed to maintain a position as one of the leading pioneers in the plastic industry through manufacturing infrastructural networks, manufacturing plastic pipes, plastic fittings, and offering a wide range of sanitary ware. Royal is one of the first company in the region to manufacture up to standards high-quality polyethylene multi-layered water tanks, using the latest technology such as extrusion blow molding. Royal has also produced greenhouses with various systems and modern designs, all abiding by international standards. Royal has also developed its home range department specializing in manufacturing plastic and wooden home furniture. Royal has always maintained quality and high standards. Royal guarantees its products' suitability in the most extreme environmental conditions; all items are subject to tests and checks in advanced laboratories.

Royal exports more than 2000 products to over 25 countries worldwide, positioning Royal as a well-known Palestinian brand in both local, Middle Eastern, and international markets. This has been possible due to Royal following international quality and environmental management systems.

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Company Management

Royal Group has always been an important pillar of the Palestinian economy. The groups’ industrial journey has been full of achievements. It has proven that Palestinian industry can; penetrate the borders and rise to enhance its position in line with local and international trends. Royal company depends on a modern managerial system in making decisions, always taking into account statistical figures and facts towards achieving company goals.

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Our Vision

To provide quality products and services that exceed the expectations of our esteemed customers. Always aiming at being a pioneer in our market and continuously expanding our market share. We at Royal strive to be a continuous force through our integrated series of products, our high-quality products, and providing them according to the highest national and international standards and specifications.

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Our Mission

At Royal, we have always shown our commitment to safety, the environment, and society by recognizing and implementing good practices in encouraging a culture of responsibility in everything we do. We at Royal pursue improving our professional concept for developing our systems and control mechanisms. We continue to develop our employees and products and continue to provide innovative solutions and reliable quality through our enthusiasm for high efficiency.

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Royal from day one has been keen to ensure that quality is the main value and a core goal. Achieving this through using the best raw materials and latest modern machines in the manufacturing process. Excellent quality is a strong competitive advantage, in which Royal Company excels in. This has resulted in global recognition and the obtainment of numerous awards.

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