Avanti Rattan






Slim and sleek laundry hamper with a stylish rattan effect and featuring a large 55 liters capacity. Constructed from sturdy plastic to withstands the weight of sorting your dirty laundry without bending or buckling. Also, it has an integrated carry handles making it very easy to carry around and it features a lid to keep your laundry organized. It is easy to clean and available in several colors.

Product Information:

No. Capasity Color
116-22100 55L White
116-22104 55L Brown
116-22107 55L Pistachio
116-22109 55L Black
116-22110 55L Blue
116-22111 55L Pergamon
116-22117 55L Green
116-22119 55L Cappuccino
116-22120 55L Gray
116-22121 55L Silver
116-22123 55L Shment
116-22124 55L Light Pink