Rose Rattan Flower Pot






This free-standing planter features a rectangular design with a lightweight, single-colored construction that easily blends with a variety of outdoor decor styles. This planter includes a built-in tray to retain water and a small port for easy watering with a hose or a narrow-spout watering can. When watering from the bottom, the plant draws up the water as needed, reducing the need to water as frequently.

Product Information:

No. Length (cm) Color
116-70600 60cm White
116-70601 60cm Beige
116-70602 60cm Cappuccino
116-70603 60cm Brown
116-70604 60cm Brink pink
116-70605 60cm Pink
116-70606 60cm Red 
116-70607 60cm Purple
116-70608 60cm Pistachio
116-70700 80cm White
116-70701 80cm Beige
116-70702 80cm Cappuccino
116-70703 80cm Brown
116-70704 80cm Brink pink
116-70705 80cm Pink
116-70706 80cm Red
116-70707 80cm Purple
116-70708 80cm Cappuccino