Dalia Rattan Flower Pot






Decorate your home with this round classic pot, it is the ideal choice when gardening in small, outdoor living areas. This  pot is made from fade- and weather-resistant food-safe plastic material. This versatile container help you make better use of limited space and add an attractive touch to any outdoor space.

Product Information:

No. Capacity (liters) Color
116-70300 2.4L White
116-70301 2.4L Beige
116-70302 2.4L Cappuccino
116-70303 2.4L Brown
116-70304 2.4L Brink pink
116-70305 2.4L Pink
116-70306 2.4L Red
116-70307 2.4L Purple
116-70308 2.4L Pistachio
116-70400 3.5L White
116-70401 3.5L Beige
116-70402 3.5L Cappuccino
116-70403 3.5L Brown
116-70404 3.5L Brink pink
116-70405 3.5L Pink
116-70406 3.5L Red 
116-70407 3.5L Purple
116-70408 3.5L Pistachio
116-70500 5L White
116-70501 5L Beige
116-70502 5L Cappuccino
116-70503 5L Brown
116-70504 5L Brink pink
116-70505 5L Pink
116-70506 5L Red
116-70507 5L Purple
116-70508 5L Pistachio