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#2020 We Care

Sadly during the year 2019 catastrophic fires fueled by record-breaking temperatures and months of drought rose in Beit Ola, fires burned more than 200 acres, from here the idea of our initiative 2020 We Care first began, our hope is to re-forest the area



A joint cooperation with the Palestinian Ministry of Agriculture

Royal is always keen to make a difference, this year Royal have collaborated with the Ministry of Agriculture, to help preserve our environment, so we choose this slogan #2020 WE CARE, our environment is our responsibility.


Did you know

The importance of trees in preserving the environment

Do you know that planting trees is one solution to reduce the process of global warming, because trees absorb Carbon and help the soil to absorb it too. It is a Natural and an effective way to reduce carbon emissions.


500 Trees Planted

16th of June the first trees have been planted

High spirits were in the air this morning as the first 500 trees were planted on the launch of our 2020 We Care campaign, with the presence of the administrative director at Royal Monzer Zoghier and Royal's manager Eng. Emad Alrjoob, and not forgetting th


A Green Environment

Universities happy to be apart of #2020 We Care initiative

Royal's media director Abdel Fattah Al-Essa and Youssef Nasser Al-Din from the Follow-up Design Department, with the Ministry of Agriculture, visited the headquarters of the Palestine Technical University “Khadoury” Al-Aroub branch, where they met the bra


14,000 Trees Planted

on the 12th MAR 2020

A morning of high spirits and achievement, we share with you our latest update on the 2020We Care campaign, where 14,000 trees were planted and we will continue planting again when our counter reaches 20,000 trees.