Black Steel Nipple For Boilers






Adapter galvanized fitting used to extend or connect two pipes or fitting together in a piping system. customized to provide a fast and reliable solution in transferring fluid flow from one direction to another. It is threaded thus ensuring system reliability and leak free connection. This adapter fitting has two male parallel threaded ends that ensures ease of the installation process. It is corrosion resistance, durable and compatible with most pipes and fittings. is suitable for connecting pipes for conveying drinking water, waste water, and other liquids in a range of industries. It has a wide range of lengths starting from 15cm up to 105cm with one diameter of 3/4” .

Product Information:

No. Size Watt (kw) Capacity Des
54-4815 3/4" -- -- 15cm
54-4890 3/4" -- -- 105cm