Mission & Vision

It is Our Mission to responsibly provide high quality products and services through innovation, creativity and value. Our vision is to be recognized performance leader in the plastic industry and to be a major manufacturer in local and global markets through our special services that enhance our ability to distinguish our products and services. Being a performance leader means we will achieve operational excellence. Industry-leading customer satisfaction, and superior financial performance. We sincerely believe in following a long-term commitment to staff development with support through opportunities from the top down. We have developed a sustainability mission for our company which can be briefed in three words (reduce-reuse-recycle); however, success will be measured by our clients preferring us because of their belief in our ability to meet or exceed their expectations of quality, service, and expertise.

Our mission is to achieve this sustainability by:

1. Continually innovating to improve our products and processes to minimize their effect on the environment, while maximizing the efficient use of all resources.

2. Investing in global profitable innovations will enable us to have long-term growth.

3. Setting consistent standards across all operations so as to provide a safe and healthy environment

4. Fostering open and comprehensive dialogues with all stakeholders and working cooperatively to address material issues.

5. Providing development opportunities for all employees to reach their full potential

6. Ensuring fair and equitable employment conditions by providing a stimulating working environment based on respect and partnership

At Royal, we have always shown our commitment to safety, environment and society by recognizing and implementing good practice in encouraging a culture of responsibility in everything we do.

Our vision is to achieve sustainable growth; we have established a vision with clear goals. Our goal is to become the largest producer and exporter in our field which includes (plastic products and development of natural resources that produce energy conservations).